Circuit material offers performance,low cost
Posted : 03 Jul 2006

Rogers Corp. will be introducing its new RO4450B-dx bondply, a high
fill/flow version of the company's industry-standard RO4450B
high-frequency circuit material, at the 2006 European Microwave Week
in September.

According to the company, the new circuit material is a glass-reinforced
hydrocarbon/ceramic thermoset bondply designed for performance-
sensitive, multilayer PCBs. These bondplys are designed to offer high-
frequency performance and low-cost circuit fabrication. The result is a
low loss material, which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass
(FR4) processes. The new bondply is designed to fill high-density
designs while still offering thin dielectric spacing, Rogers said.

RO4403, RO4450B and RO4450B-dx prepregs are based upon the
RO4000 series core materials and are compatible in multilayer
constructions with either RO4003C or RO4350B laminates. As with
RO4000 laminates, RO4400 prepregs are compatible with the majority
of standard FR4 processing practices.